Build & Monetize Your Next BIG Idea in a Safu Space for Trendy Creators

Nxy introduces an uncensorable Social Finance (#SoFi) Network, built on an economically self-sustaining & highly-scalable (Layer 1) blockchain; allowing EVERYONE an equal opportunity to realize their wildest dreams. #Wagmi

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Dream It. Build It. Profit!

Nxy offers Creators an opportunity to realize their wildest dreams in an environment with built-in monetization and protections against censorship.

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Nexa Studio offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help you bring your BIG ideas to life. Learn to visualize your BIG dreams in a way that you NEVER imagined before.

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Nexa Studio offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help you bring your BIG ideas to life. Learn to build your BIG dreams in a way that you NEVER imagined before.

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Nexa Studio offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help you bring your BIG ideas to life. Learn to monetize your BIG dreams in a way that you NEVER imagined before.

Now is the time to Build-Your-Future...

Let Nxy be the last Space you'll ever HAVE to move to again. Access to the Oasis grants you UNLIMITED freedom to discover... EVERYTHING!

  • 100% Permissionless

    You'll NEVER require anyone's permission to Dream BIG or a license to Build a better future.

  • FREE + Infinite Scalability

    You can just STOP worrying about hosting costs after deploying to Nxy's global P2P network.

  • Endless Opportunities

    Participate in as many different Economies as YOU desire to reach YOUR lifestyle goals.

  • Time-saving Automation

    Programmable money has NEVER worked more conveniently towards YOUR everyday needs.

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee

    Nxy runs on top of the MOST powerful P2P / distributed computing network in the world.

  • E2E Encrypted + Anonymized

    Bleeding-edge security, your government wish you didn't have, keeping YOU Safu.

Build Yourself a NEW Economy

It takes just a few minutes. Choose from ANY of the Noob Starter Bundles.

Creators are changing their way of life with Nxy

Discover how Creators have been MOST effectively using Nxy to
MONETIZE their talents for the GREATEST impact across the entire Oasis.

Noob Starter Bundles, INSTANT Setup!

Whether you're one person trying to get ahead or a big firm trying to take over the world, we've got a Bundle ready for you.

My 1st Space

1,000+ $NXY

Get started by building a brand NEW uncensorable Space for your next BIG idea.

  • Uncensorable, private building space
  • E2E encrypted communications
  • Decentralized access from anywhere
  • Customization tools & services
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My 1st Economy

4,000+ $NXY

Initiate a NEW economy to MONETIZE your Space(s) with an EXCLUSIVE coin|token.

  • Group of one or more Spaces
  • Customize a new $TOKEN
  • Deployed a $TOKEN/$NXY liquidity pool
  • Automated market maker trading
  • Deployed $TOKEN price & data oracles
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My 1st Society

Costs may vary

Lead your community of followers to a BIG and BRIGHT future of prosperity.

  • Group of one or more Economies
  • Formalized DAO governance
  • Deployed a $TOKEN voting portal
  • Real-time asset notifications
  • Advanced transaction anonymization
  • and much more...
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Is Nxy a fork of Nexa?

      NO. Nxy is an Layer 1+ (add-on), 100% committed to contributing and growing with the Nexa community now and long into the future. ANY and ALL features being built for Nxy are inherently integrated directly into Nexa's Layer 1 after being deployed.

    • Is it legal to create my own Economy?

      YES! Although historically, and usually through threats of VIOLENCE, the Elites have used government to make it very difficult for the People to control their own WEALTH. Nxy now offers you a simple & convenient UI/UX to the superior financial tools that have existed for decades.

    • But isn’t file-sharing illegal?

      NO. Especially NOT when shared by its original content owner. In the Oasis, Creators have the ability to digitally sign & secure ALL of their content, providing the MOST transparent & secure Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

    • How is Nxy different from Nexa?

      The primary goal of the Nxy community is to explore a wider range of ideas and opportunities that extend beyond the Nexa Roadmap, beyond blockchains, and into the broader social financial (#SoFi) world of global economics.

    • How can I become an "official" Nxy partner?

      Contact us with some details about your project and the type of contributions you plan to make during a formal partnership relationship. If/when approved, you'll receive a full Partnership Welcome Guide on contributing directly to the Nxy open source repositories on GitHub.

    • How did you get this on the App Store?

      Nxy comes in many flavors, from several community-based (FOSS) clients to a few fully-licensed & branded editions. We make adjustments for each platform's codebase to comply with the variety of distribution & service guidelines required by our various partners.

    • How much does it cost to get started?

      Customizing a brand NEW Space will cost a 1st-time user around 1,000 $NXY in service & transaction fees, which is less than 1/100 of a $0.01.

    • Do I have to worry about any illegal content on my device?

      (Optional) on-chain filters are well-maintained, and when enabled, provide real-time protection against engaging with prohibited content. In addition, both desktop and mobile users remain 100% in control of the content they opt -in or -out of viewing & storing (i.e. seeding) while exploring the Oasis.

    • Where is Nxy based?

      Nxy is a permissionless and decentralized network of Creators, built using a collection of 100% free and open-source software (FOSS) protocols and specifications; and is NOT "controlled" by ANY sole party. However, the "official" Nxy client is built and maintained by Ava's DAO, based in Atlanta Georgia USA.